Tina may not be the brightest bulb in the box, or the sharpest tool in the shed, or the- okay you get the point. Tina is a clutz, a bit self-centered, and well a tigress. However, don’t be fooled, she does care deeply for her friends and family. That aside, it was Tina’s own desire to become a full blown tiger using a strange concoction which was ultimately the cause of Nekonny’s condition. Feeling slightly responsible, and much to his dismay, Tina has vowed to take care of her new found pet, and help and guide him through the “Way of the Cat,” or something like that.


Yuki is easily the “big sister” of the ragtag group. She has an unmatched maturity between the three, and a keen sense of reading people. She acts as an arbitrary limiter for Tina, knowing exactly how to handle her and keep things in control. Easily considered manipulative, however, she always has good intentions at heart. While usually kind, perverts beware as Yuki has little tolerance in such matters. While she’s not one to brag, she has nice full figure, and general mastery of whatever she tries (much to Tina’s own often disappointment.) It’s anyone’s guess what she’ll have to juggle as their vacation unfolds.


Maya’s life is much like her left ear... full of holes. From her discovery in the lighthouse on a stormy night little known about her past or how she came to the island. Raised and cared for by now former Governor of Caribbean Blue, “Auntie” Rose, her life has been a rocky one at best. With her similarities to the historical ‘Nekocat’ she received plenty of scrutiny and criticism. Her presence often seen as a bad omen. This constant treatment over the years has had its effects on her, and with the arrival of Nekonny and his friends, it’s anyone’s guess what might happen next!


Kimi is one of the few resident cats that reside on Caribbean Blue. Kind, carefree, always curious, and filled with a unique interest in humans. Her personality could light up a room. However, despite her cute face and trademarked floppy ears she isn’t one to be trifled with! She will defend herself and the ones dear to her with a fierceness not seen in most cats. While her life has always been a simple one. She has always wondered if she was meant for something more.


Nekonny is the protagonist of Caribbean Blue (...sorta.) An accident induced by a foolish act of Tina’s transformed him into that of an orange tabby that he is today. When we first encounter him and his friends they are only just arriving to the island of Caribbean Blue. Past false leads of possible cures have left him unsure about the future. However, the strange rumors that surround this island and its legends gives new hope that these might be key to helping him return to normal. Little does he know that he might get much more than he bargained for.


Rose is a kindly innkeeper on the island who shows Nekonny and his friends a true taste of home in a foreign land. After she discovered Maya in that old lighthouse, the populace became fearful of what it could mean for the island’s future. Rose would not hear their protests and kept Maya safe all those years, happy to have a daughter in her twilight-years. Taco Paco used the fear of the Nekocat legend to take Rose’s job, but she’s never lost her heart. Now with a bunch of fresh new faces on the island seeking the bell, she knows that the winds of change have once again come to the island. It is in her nature to not resist this, yet her heart goes out to Maya and Nekonny both. At the very least, she can give the poor kids a place to sleep...


Alice is the closest thing to order that Caribbean Blue will ever know. She’s in love with her island home, protecting it against anyone who would seek to do it harm. Naturally when a bunch of new faces come up and two of them look like they could be Nekocats, you have a job to do! That isn’t to say you can’t bend the rules from time to time, and she quickly discovers that Tina and co are definitely not worth all the hype that their cat ears bring in tow. Despite her boss’ insistence to keep the party spinning, she finds ways to lend a hand when needed.


Taco Paco is a complete moron. Naturally, he found his calling in politics and lives a very soft life as Caribbean Blue’s mayor. He’s selfish, ignorant of the world around him, and easily one of the biggest barriers to actual progress toward the Nekobell on the island for our party. To his credit, he wears his station well. Despite being clearly unqualified for… anything, he zips around the island in a modified golf cart and keeps tabs on all the events on his island. Nekonny and his friends could really use some of that influence and reach to find the Nekobell. But, sure enough, Taco’s red tape always seems to be in the way...


The native inhabitants of Caribbean blue come in many shapes and sizes... no wait, that doesn’t sound right... Ah, here we go: they come in only one shape and size, although some have been known use the fake mustache or hairpiece. although they may all look the same, they do have distinct personalities. Many mysteries surround these generic looking snowmen. where did they come from? Are they male or female? do they wear clothes? are they just the products of the artists laziness for drawing large crowds? the world may never know. Regardless, the natives have inhabited Caribbean blue since long before recorded history.